Wedding Cards

It has often been said that there are three dates in life that man can fix, but God decides. They are birth, marriage and death. They are the most special occasions that need to be celebrated. And no celebration is complete without the people to share in the happiness. While the former two are happy occasions, the last is sad because you lose someone dear to you, but in reality they have been released from this life to move onto a divine existence.


A wedding is a special ceremony where two people are bound together by their institutions, be it religious or legal. The two consenting adults sanctify their relationship into a life long commitment of sharing their lives together through good times and bad times. They unite to bring into world children thereby expanding their family. They unite to take up further responsibilities.

While this occasion is significant for the two uniting people, the people who gather come to bless them in this unity. But then, the only way the couple can have guests is by handing out wedding cards to all they want to invite. They either personally distribute the cards, or they post them or courier them. For those friends and relatives living overseas, there is an option of creating wedding cards on line and emailing them.


If there are wedding cards to invite guests, then there are wedding cards to congratulate the couple. These cards are generally available at various gift shops. You could either pick up something with mischievous wordings or something that is serious, emotional and conveys the importance of marriage.


Whether they are for inviting guests or to congratulate the couple, wedding cards is a part of every wedding, no matter which part of the world or which religion. In fact, designing cards for this special occasion is probably one of the preparatory stages that carry the couple towards the big day.