Custom Wedding Invitations

Most wedding card manufacturers have a range of wedding cards to select from and may not want to create something new as they have ready dyes for what already exists in their collection. In this case you would not be able to place an order for custom wedding invitations. You would just however have to make do with all that is available.

Card manufacturers tend to be more particular about this where the order is for a relatively smaller quantity whereby they feel it is a wastage creating a new dye. However, they would surely change their mind if you place an order that suits their economies. Nonetheless, finding a card printer and designer ready to execute your order is exciting. After all it is your special day and everything that is a part of this celebration should be to your liking and satisfaction.

You could create your own custom wedding invitations in terms of the pattern or design you want printed, the shape and size of the card, the material from which it should be cut, the wordings, the fonts. Either you can create something original or merge together from other cards to create your own.

If you are ready to spend extra on your wedding invitations then there is an option of having your wedding details embossed on a stainless steel sheet, plate or bowl. This is something unique and each time the plate or bowl is used, it becomes a reminder of your wedding. If you do want to make it as personal as this, but the budgets are beyond you then you could have a personalized message printed on each card, which is specifically meant for the recipient and none other.

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