Homemade Wedding Invitations

There is nothing more personal than giving out gifts and invitations made at home. This does call for extra effort, but then the emotions attached are far more touching than placing an order and distributing those wedding invitations. And one need not be all that creative or talented where art and craft is concerned. And they all need not be uniform. One can take the liberty of making a variety of cards.

Many feel that preparing homemade wedding invitations could be rather time consuming, but that is not so. Yes, ideally one should have some assistance. In fact, it is a good idea to sit and prepare these cards with interesting wedding verses with other members of the family and friends. It provides time to bond too. And for those working they can prepare these cards on the weekends, unless the wedding date is fixed too close on the heels.

Essentially to prepare the cards at home one needs a couple of things such as plenty of card paper (actually, depending on the size and number of cards one intends making); a variety of colorful sketch pens including the glitter ones, a pair of scissors pr paper cutter and other objects depending on the design or pattern of the card. For instance, one may want to border it with satin ribbon, or optionally stick tiny objects that symbolize marriage, such as a cloth rose, a plastic heart or then cutouts of a couple getting married.

Depending on the type of cards one is preparing it may just cost more than getting them printed, but then the emotional value of the homemade cards far outdo that of those given for printing. If one does not have the time to prepare these, then there are others who run at-home small business establishments preparing homemade cards. There are also NGOs that have cards made by the underprivileged; the proceeds of which go towards their betterment..

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