Indian Wedding Cards

There is much scope for creativity as far as Indian wedding cards are concerned. This is because of the grandeur, traditions and ceremonies that form a part of the wedding. There are so many colors and deigns to choose from that the minute one finalizes a particular one, they already have their heart set on another.

The variety all the more is limitless in this country because of the diverse cultures that inhabit the country and each culture follows it own tradition. In general people prefer distributing wedding cards that are darker in color such as the shades of red and brown. The reason for this is that traditionally the bride would wear these shades on her wedding day and the henna on her hand would also develop into such shades.

If the card base is dark then the words are generally printed in gold. Gold also signifies abundance. And marriage in essence means bringing abundance of joy to both families. The woman is considered a symbol of wealth and said to be a form of the Indian Goddess of wealth. Therefore, her entering her husband’s home is like bringing wealth into the home.

Generally one has the idol of the God or Goddess their family worships. This is because as in all cultures it is believed that a marriage can only happen with the blessings of God. And so placing God on the wedding card is seeking guidance throughout and being grateful for all that is.

Since there are various ceremonies and functions that form a part of an Indian wedding, the invitation card carries all details. For convenience and to avoid any confusion Indian wedding cards would carry individual bookmark size or visiting card size inserts that carry details of the functions.

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