Unique Wedding Invitations

Normal wedding invitations are those that are printed on any type of card paper, in a variety of fonts, designs, patterns and sizes. But if it is something different that you want to do for your wedding, then you could step away from the usual printed cards to invitations printed on other material.

Undoubtedly, unique wedding invitations are more expensive than the usual, ones, but then they are generally retained by the invitee. For instance, you could distribute a silver-plated trays or plates with details of the wedding embossed on it. Or then you could do the same with silver-plated fruit bowls. You could distribute porcelain statues of a couple with the wedding details hanging like a tag.

If you are willing to spend exorbitantly then you could have your invitation printed on a slab of marble. Or it could be chiseled on stone. Unique wedding invitations could also be in the form of artifacts that denote the wedding ceremony. For instance, you distribute miniature tiaras along with a handwritten note regarding the wedding details.

Unique wedding invitations are all about being innovative and creative. It calls for a lot of effort. But then, marriage is a once in lifetime celebration and might as well make it the best. An event for you and your loved ones to treasure forever!

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