Wedding Announcement Photo Cards

If you want to do something different that will cost you a little extra, then you could get wedding announcement photo cards printed. These cards would carry the picture of the couple getting married. Though this need not always be the case. You could get something creative done. In fact something different and yet place the photo or multiple photos.

In fact you could distribute wedding announcement photo cards carry the wedding picture of the parents of the bride and groom. Below these two photos could be placed a photo of the couple. This signifies that the couple has their parents’ blessings for the union. It is also thoughtful as it is a way of thanking their parents for uniting them.

However, to get such cards printed you must ensure that the card designer and printer will be able to print the photos without causing them to bleed or blur. Ideally these cards should be initially printed at photo studios and then handed over to printers to place the words and other designs or patterns.

Wedding photo cards should be printed on gloss card paper so that the photos stand out and look crisp. The background should be white. In fact a lot of the invitees would probably place this invitation card into their respective photo albums. Also in case you need to save on some money then instead of colored photos you could insert black and white, since this is a cheaper option for print development.

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