Wedding Card Boxes

With all the invitees attending a wedding one could actually lose track of who actually came and who did not. And most people depend on the ‘best wishes’ and ‘best compliments’ cards on gifts, as well as the envelopes to know who all attended the celebration. But the fact remains that it is not necessary that all attendees do brings cards, gifts and money envelopes or for that matter bouquet of flowers. There are many who simply attend a wedding to wish the couple and their family for the journey they have stepped into.

In order to deal with the problem of ‘who came’, there is a simple solution, which is in the form of the wedding card boxes. These are boxes than can be kept at the entrance, or then several of them can be kept in various parts of the venue so that people can drop their visiting cards in them. However, most people would not have their cards with them and in order to deal with this one can have a small table with plain cards and pens kept their so that people can fill in the details.

At some weddings the couple have their closest friend or relative stand at the entrance to greet the guests. They also politely request the guests to fill in their name and contact number of a sheet of paper or individual plain card papers, which then can be dropped into a well decorated box.

The main reason for doing so is because most newly wed couples consider it as a part of social etiquette to call back and thank those who attended the wedding and be part of the festivity. If not calling back then the couple post ‘thank you’ notes to the attendees. It is a way of seeking further blessings for their new journey of being together for the rest of their lives. After all, according to the Hindu way of marriages every guest takes the form of God and blesses the couple and sending them a ‘thank you’ card is a gesture of heartfelt gratitude. .

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