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Amritsar is located in the northern part of India, very close to the border of Pakistan. The majority of the population is Punjabi. It is well known that Punjabis are very joyous people who believe in living life to the fullest. Punjabi weddings are also, thus, very colourful affairs. The celebration last for approximately one week. Whenever there is a wedding in the family, all the relatives make it a point to participate for all these days. Even relatives who live abroad return to India to join in the festivities. The is a lot of music, dance and food and drinks. Therefore, the wedding card should also have the same flavor. It should represent the joyous spirit which marks these weddings.

Wedding card manufacturers in Amritsar:

Wedding Cards Amritsar Even though there are not as many wedding card manufacturers here, as in metropolitan cities, the ones who are in this field enjoy a booming business. They are well aware of what the customers are looking for in wedding cards. Some of the well known wedding card makers are as follows.

1. Sharp Cards Emporium – This is a family owned enterprise which has been around for quite some time. They have recently, completely reinvented their business and completely modernized all the facilities. Their strength lies in their experienced and tenured workforce. Their address is Near Tubewell,Katra Baghian, Amritsar-143001.

2. Kapoor Card Emporium – This is another establishment which has done extremely well for itself. They specialize in cards with a traditional feel and often use materials which one would not generally use for wedding cards. They are located at 7,Kairon Market,Near Goal Hatti Chowk,Hall Bazar, Amritsar-143001.

3. Shri Ram Chander Card Centre – Similar to the previous two concerns, this is also a family business. They get orders mostly from businessmen as they are located near a market. They have quite a huge selection of wedding cards starting from quite reasonable to very expensive.

4. Fine Art Printing Press – As the name suggests, the designers of this card company specialize in modern designs. They are preferred by people who need to invite people from their place of work. The designs are truly unique and have a very slick appeal. They can be found at Partap Bazar, Amritsar-143001.

5. Shahzada Printing Press – They are famous for their unique and designer cards. The clientele consists of the higher middle class. Their customer service and personalization wins them a lot of faithful customers. Their address is Katra Baghian, Amritsar-143001.

There are many other good wedding card manufacturers in Amritsar who provide excellent service and on time delivery. Some of them are:

1. Prince Card Emporium – Hall Bazar,Near Punjab & Sind Bank, Amritsar-143001.

2. Cosmopolition Press – Ch Passian, Amritsar-143006.

3. Sital Type Foundry – Katra Sher Singh,Hall Bazar, Amritsar-143006.

4. Jandial Wedding Cards & Sweets Boxes – Katra Baghian,Hall Bazar, Amritsar-143006.

5. N S Printing Agency – Luxmi Building,Near Sawera Travels,Katra Baghian, Amritsar-143006.

6. Bansi Printing Press – I/S Hathi Gate, Amritsar-143001.

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