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Bengali weddings are famous for their vibrancy and also for the cuisine. The wedding feast is one of the main attractions of a Bengali wedding. There is another aspect to weddings in Kolkata. People from different cultural backgrounds call Kolkata their home. The requirements for the wedding cards of people from different communities are different. The cards that the local people opt for would be very different from that selected by a person from somewhere else. Since the manufacturers are well aware of it, they keep a wide selection of wedding cards to choose from.

Wedding card manufacturers in Kolkata:

Wedding Cards Kolkata The people in Kolkata try to make their wedding cards quite unique. This proves quite a bit of a challenge to the wedding card designers as they have to keep coming up with new designs and ideas which would appeal to the clients. Some of the best known names in this business are listed below.

1. Novelty Cards – They are located in a wholesale market are and take large orders. Because they are wholesalers, their rates are also very reasonable. They can be found at 4B, Opp Brabourne Road, Jackson Lane, Calcutta GPO, Kolkata – 700001.

2. Frescoes – They are an establishment for people who are looking for high end designer wedding cards and have a big budget. They are the favourite choice of the upper middle class. The address is 23, Ambika Gardens , Near Alipore SBI Branch, Raja Santosh Road, Alipore, Kolkata – 700027.

3. Bharat Agency – The profile of this card manufacturer is quite similar to Novelty cards. They also prefer taking bulk orders and the rates are quite reasonable. They are located at 8, Jackson Lane, Calcutta GPO, Kolkata – 700001.

4. Crafts and Prints – This is one of the oldest wedding card printers in Kolkata. They have been in the business for a very long time and have emerged as one of the best known names in the field. Their address is 20/1 B, Near Boroline House, Nivedita Lane, Bagbazar, Kolkata – 700003.

5. Cybernetics – Even though this company is comparatively new, because of their scientific and efficient approach, they have become quite popular. Their popularity is especially among people who want their wedding card to be something very different and new age. They have set up shop at 57, Near Lake Mall, Rashbehari Avenue, Lake Market, Rashbehari Avenue, Kolkata – 700026.

6. Subham – This company has a profile and approach similar to Bharat Agency and is located in the same locality. Their rates are also quite competitive and one can get a good bargain. They are located Near Calcutta Gpo, Kolkata-700001.

Some of the other famous invitation card manufacturers are listed below.

1. Gupta Cards – Kolkata-700001.

2. Shakti Card House – B R B Basu Road, Kolkata-700001.

3. Abhinandan – Calcutta Gpo, Kolkata-700001.

4. Jupiter Card Agency – Calcutta Gpo, Kolkata-700001.

5. Ajanta – Kolkata-700009.

6. Ashirvad – Calcutta Gpo, Kolkata-700001.

7. B R Gupta & Co – Old China Bazar Street, Kolkata-700001.

8. Gitanjali – Kolkata-700001.

9. Jalan – Biplabi Rash Behari Road, Kolkata-700001.

10. K Amritalal & Co – Calcutta GPO, Kolkata-700001.

11. Lokenath Stores – Amherst Street, Kolkata-700009.

12. Mitra Press – Raja Ram Mohan Roy Sarani, Kolkata-700009.

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