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We believe that marriages are made in heaven and executed here, on earth. We in India still believe that getting married is an important even phase in anyone’s life because our culture and religious practices give a lot of importance to conjugal life and also teach us that we were made in pairs and so it is important that we stay in pairs, in order to be happy in life and attain salvation when we finally breathe our last. Thus, weddings are highly auspicious occasions in India and we plan months in advance, if not years. Most of our close family members, relatives and even friends are involved in this process of planning weddings as they all tend to help us in this new phase of life.

image One of the important aspects of planning any wedding is the wedding invitation part as we need to make sure that we invite all those who are close to us, who we are acquainted with and would like to be a part of our happiness. Also, in our culture if we fail to invite our colleagues, relatives or even neighbors, our relationships with them can be strained, having a negative impact on our personal and professional lives. Thus, we need to be careful about the fact that we should invite all and sundry, who are even distantly known to us. The second important part of a wedding invitation is the wedding cards. The wedding cards should not only be beautiful, presentable but should also be able to carry a message of love that is part and parcel of being married.

Wedding Cards in Mumbai

‘Amchi Mumbai’ has all kinds of facilities that a cosmopolitan city should offer and even when it comes to making wedding cards, this city will give us tons of options to choose from as there are wedding card printers in all places across the city. Famous wedding card manufacturers in Mumbai include:

1) Parekh Cards: they are situated in Andheri East and they have been active for a while. People can obtain all sorts of cards related to marriages of different religions, faiths and even for inter-caste marriages.

2) Ritam Bannerjee – they have been in this business since 1996; its run by a father and son duo and the son being a well known photographer; they also offer all kinds of cards.

3) Vakils: they are a leading publishing & printing house who also offer wedding cards in different designs.

4) Ranjana Art: apart from wedding cards, they also provide decoration arrangements for weddings.

5) Multi Creations: they are quality designers who also export their services of car manufacturing and publishing

6) Card Centre: founded in 1989, they initially only made greeting cards but no they offer quality wedding cards with various designs.

7) Shantilal & Sons: based in khadikar road, narayanwadi, they pioneer in ethnic themed cards for weddings and other functions.

8) Niarika Cards: they are a reputed company and have been active for more than 3 decades.

9) Rainbow Cards: they are present in multiple cities and are quite famous.

10) Reliable Reproductions: they make wedding cards as well as stationeries for wedding decorations.

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