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Vadodara is the third largest and one of the most important cities in the state of Gujarat. It has a very rich cultural heritage which has been passed down from one generation to the next. Vadodara has also seen a recent increase in its population by leaps and bound. This is because of several reasons. Vadodara connects many important cities and is a business hub. Another reason is because of modernization, many big Indian companies and multinational companies have opened their branches here. This has led to people from elsewhere in the country, coming and settling down here. Because of this varied population, wedding are also varied here. However, the main influence is of the Gujrati culture and this is very apparent in the wedding.

Wedding card manufacturers in Vadodara:

Wedding Cards Vadodara Life here is not as fast as in the major cities. People still have the option of taking out time to join in social events like weddings. Whenever someone gets married in the family, it’s a weeklong celebration and all the relatives and people from one’s neighborhood join in the festivities. The wedding cards are also selected, keeping this in mind. These cards represent the happy mood of the families. The manufacturers give special attention to this aspect. Also, most of the advertisement happens by word of mouth as this is not a very big city. Some of the most famous and well respected wedding card manufacturers in Vadodara are given in the following list.

1. Vivah Cards – They have earned a special place for themselves in this industry. Their specialty is that all their products are made from handmade paper and they are very environment conscious. They are one of the most recognized brand names in this field. They are located at Raopura, Vadodara-390001.

2. New Kalash Cards – This company has earned a lot of goodwill for itself due to its timely delivery and excellent design base. They specialize in exclusive cards which are on the expensive side. They have quite an elite clientele. The address is Vadodara Ho, Vadodara-390001.

3. Siddhi Cards – These people are one of the oldest wedding card manufacturers in the city. They have a faithful customer base that opts for traditional wedding cards. They also are known for their exclusive and innovative designs. Every card is made with special care and treated as a piece of art. They are located at Race Course Road, Vadodara-390007.

4. Bhumika Enterprises – This is the best place for someone who is looking for hand printed cards as this is their specialization. They are also known for their personalized approach and customer service. Their address is Sayaji Ganj, Vadodara-390005.

Some of the other famous wedding card makers are as follows.

1. Vaibhav Card Centre – Vadodara Ho, Vadodara-390001.

2. Believe Graphics – Subhanpura, Vadodara-390023.

3. Dipen Thakkar – Pani Gate, Vadodara-390019.

4. Jainam Art – Raopura, Vadodara-390001.

5. Jinendra Cards & Computers – Salatwada, Vadodara-390001.

6. Mahavir Cards – Raopura, Vadodara-390001.

7. Sarvoday Card – Race Course Road, Vadodara-390007.

8. Sudarshan Cards – Raopura, Vadodara-390001.

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