Wedding Cards

Whether out of formality or out of a genuine want for friends and relatives to attend a wedding, the most important thing to do is to send out invitations. Off late, people have found it convenient sending out short text messages inviting people to their wedding. However, most invitees feel offended, considering that many others on the guest list did receive wedding cards. So, instead of the short cut method, it is worth a lot more to send out cards; and even better give them personally.

There are varied patterns for wedding invitation cards. However, prior to selecting the pattern and print style, one needs to make a selection of the paper to be used. Broadly speaking there is the selection between the handmade papers, recycled paper or then the typical manufactured paper that come in various finishes. This implies the varied surfaces such as gloss or mat.

When selecting the design there are options from motifs and symbols that symbolize the auspiciousness of the wedding ceremony. There are also the embossed pictures of the Gods and Goddesses. More often than never people have prints of the symbol of their faith and belief with maybe a gold embossed print of a scene representing the marriage ceremony. One get ideas for wedding program sample from various sources. When it comes to the wordings, ideally they should be simple and giving specifications of venue, date and time.

Since typically Hindu weddings comprise of varied ceremonies, people opt for bookmark like insertions that inform the invitee about the venue, time and date of the ceremony. One thing to be kept in mind is that the font print should not be so fancy that it becomes difficult to decipher. Also, the color should not blend into the background, but instead stand out rather bold..

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