Wedding Invitation Cards

There are so many beautiful designs to choose from that one is usually confused while selecting the wedding invitation cards they want to distribute to their friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. Over the years wedding card printers and designers have created innovative and varied patterns and designs. In fact in India, every wedding card seems different from the other. Very rarely would you come across same or similar ones.

While all cards a printed on card paper of varied qualities, there are some who have their wedding invitations printed on fabric, marble, silver, stainless steel, etc. It basically all depends on the budget. Being every couple dream date they like to spend generously to make it an unforgettable event for themselves and the invitees.

The simple cards that carry a basic design, which maybe a motif, a couple, a picture of God, etc; with details of the venue, date and time of the wedding are amongst the reasonable cards. On the higher range are wedding invitation cards that have designs embossed and expensive card paper being used. This could be thick variety or handmade card paper. To add to the beauty of the card some people request for butter paper or some kind of translucent material to be inserted before the reader reaches the printed literature, this is said to signify the veil of the bride.

Before finalizing the wedding invitation cards it is better to be sure of what you have approved. So ideally you should visit a couple of card designers and printers. Ask them for their samples and see if there is something you would like to add on. In case you have a particular pattern in mind then you could explain it to them. Compare the pricing offered by the various manufacturers & select good wedding invitation wording and later then ask them to prepare samples. Once you are sure about what you want then only go ahead and place the final order. After all it is you special occasion and you do not want to feel as if you could have selected better.

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