Wedding Place Cards

Marriages are made in heaven, and in which section or part of heaven, no one knows. Otherwise surely the heavens would have been full of mails from mortals with regards to their wedding requests. But then while they are made in heaven they are celebrated at a particular venue on earth. And this venue the couple and their respective families have a right to select. And after selecting they need to inform the invitees.

The main reason invitations are distributed is to function as a reminder and also inform about the wedding venue. Wedding place cards are the most reasonable forms of invites for guests. These could be the size of visiting cards with the date, time and venue of the wedding ceremony. They could be decorated with various designs or made from a variety of card paper.

If you are looking on saving money as far as the invitations are concerned, you could have wedding place cards printed on single card paper. The size can vary from the visiting card size to the large sizes that are used for birthday greetings. To further cut down on the budget you could have it printed on plain card paper carrying just the wordings.

However, if you are willing to spend a little extra on the wedding place cards then you could have it printed in various colors with a light background or a design embossed or printed. Apart from the print the cost of these cards also depend on the quality of the card paper being used.

Though this is a reasonable option for wedding invitation cards, it is a convenient one too. This is because normally people get confused about the venue and avoid carrying the larger and more elaborate cards. They would prefer slipping this into their purse or pockets so that they reach the exact venue. They could also be put up on the reminder board so that they do not forget about it. Another option is that you could have pocket cards printed with essential venue, date and time details and inserted into the main wedding card.

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