Wedding Program Paper

Organizing a wedding is like producing a movie. Whether arranged or love, the fact is that a lot of preparations go into organizing a wedding, along with the expenses that are a part and parcel of this grand occasion. Whether one opts for the services of a wedding planner or not, ideally the family of the bride and groom should put down the entire plan on paper.

Typically the wedding program paper should consist of all the aspects of planning and mainly the estimated budget. It should be more like a film production spreadsheet. This way one is more in control of what the wedding budget is estimated to be. Ideally, when preparing this spreadsheet one should escalate the estimated costs by 20 per cent of what one expects it to be. This is because objects, gifts and garments tend to exceed original estimates.

Nowadays since most young couples prefer to have things under their control and prefer not to spend too much on their weddings, they prefer to scale it all down. So, instead of lavish functions, they keep the guest list to those who are nearest and dearest, and have all functions either in their decorated building compound or then lower budget venues.

Apart from that they prefer not to spend too much on lavish clothes and jewelry, which are otherwise not really wearable. They prefer something semi-formal and for women, the chunky jewelry seems a non-preference amongst many.

Apart from the money aspect, the brides and grooms are also concerned about the time aspect. Rather than taking extended leave to celebrate a wedding over seven days, they would rather cut short the functions to the necessary ones and then head off for a longer exciting honeymoon, or then simply return to work.

Though this is a growing trend amongst many, yet there are others who still indulge in the traditional weddings that are lavish and larger than life. For them budget is not a constraint, but giving their children the best wedding possible a wish that needs to be fulfilled.

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