Wedding Programs

Amongst the special occasions and functions in every family is the wedding. A lot of preparations go into seeing that it is a special festive occasion for the family, as well as the couple and their close friends. Right from the date the date is fixed till the wedding date there is excitement and preparations, with lots of shopping and planning.

The most important things to be planned for are the wedding programs. Earlier each caste had its own unique set of functions that led up to the wedding day, with some even having ceremonies post the marriage ceremony. However, nowadays weddings are a blend of the various castes, picking from each whatever is most enjoyable, however retaining the main ceremony.

The programs for the wedding include the ring ceremony, the thread ceremony for the groom, the haldi ceremony for the bride, the mehendi ceremony for the bride and her friends and family, the sangeet ceremony for the bride and groom and their family, relatives and family, and then the final main marriage day. And then there are the smaller significant ceremonies after the wedding that is mainly conducted by the groom’s family to welcome the bride into their family.

Apart from preparing for the ceremonies itself, there is another major aspect that needs proper planning – the clothes. In fact, for the bride and groom and the immediate family it becomes a major responsibility to sit with the designer and decide the attire for each function. It is a tedious task, but all the same a part of the planning for the entire program schedule for the wedding festivity in the family..

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