Wedding Save the Date Cards

One of the most difficult things to do is to remember dates. Most people complain that months, weeks and days in advance they can remember the coming of an occasion, but somehow on that very day it is completely out of their memory. For instance, your friend gave you their wedding invitation a fortnight before the occasion and you place it on the desk. You keep reminding yourself about the wedding, but because of extra workload it seems to be slipping into the background and over the days the card has also found its way to the back. There you miss the big day!

Wedding save the day cards can prevent such mishaps. These could be miniature cards inserted into the main wedding card and the recipient could pin them up on their to-do board or in their diary. These cards need not be something fancy and exorbitant, as they have to serve the basic purpose of reminding the invitee of the when and where of the event.

Usually the print on the wedding save the date cards should be in bold, otherwise though lying right in front of the eyes constantly, it could be overlooked. Again it need not be a bold and ugly font, it could be fancy and eye-catching. If budget is not the constraint then you could get something expensive printed in terms of the card paper variety and print.

In fact you could have your wedding save the date cards printed in the form of a bookmark. This would be used way after the wedding amongst invitees who are into reading. These cards could also be printed on key chains. There is so much that you could do, but the underlying factor is the budget.

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